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600 euros in compensation
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How can you use Air Indemnité in the case of a delayed flight and easily receive your compensation ?

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You experience overbooking, a cancelled flight, a significant delay and you want to be compensated by the air carrier? Trust us to defend your interests. Our advisers will take care of the entire claim procedure for you. They will examine your application and make sure you receive feedback very quickly.

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Does your form meet our acceptance criteria? Perfect! Your personal adviser will ask you to upload the various items and supporting documentation you need to complete your case file. He will do everything to optimise your chances of being compensated by the air carrier. Your adviser will inform you regularly of progress in your case and promises to answer all your questions. In your personal space, you can monitor the progress in your case in real time.

Je reçois jusqu'à 600 € d'indemnisation

Receive up to 600 euros in compensation

We deduct a commission from the compensation received. If your claim is successful, 75% of the compensation received will be paid to you (for example, if your compensation is 250 euros, you will receive 187.50 euros. The 62.50 euros we deduct covers our costs). In case of failure, we do not bill you for costs, regardless of the time spent or the reasons why we have to close your case. The remuneration scheme is linked to our success.

Receiving compensation for your delayed or cancelled flight

In cases of delays, cancellations or over-booking

The law provides for flight compensation of up to €600 per passenger. This is an attractive deal, but only 2% of travellers manage to obtain compensation for their flight’s delay or cancellation. Air Indemnité was created in order to allow each passenger to receive compensation for cancelled or delayed flights.

Our advisors will accompany you throughout the process of the claim

Building a dossier, contacting the airline, personalised follow-ups… Everything is taken care of by our experts. You only need to follow the state of proceedings from your personal page. In successful cases, Air Indemnité takes a 25% commission from your flight compensation. Otherwise you won’t have to pay a thing. With over 90% of cases resulting in success, Air Indemnité is the partner you need for any claim!

Our clients agree: we’re the best when it comes to flight compensation

Since 2007, there have been thousands of travellers who were taken advantage of and then called Air Indemnité.

Hoping to receive compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight, they naturally turned to the best in the business.

In 2015, 97% of clients said they were “very satisfied” by our service and recommended Air Indemnité to their friends.

Discover more stories and make a claim yourself to receive compensation for your flights !

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